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HRR shops Congo Medium Dark

HRR shops Congo Medium Dark

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Delicious, full bodied, slightly sweet and tropical. It’s like a jungle adventure in a cup. Not only do you get the opportunity to experience this spectacular coffee, roasted to perfection, but you get to enjoy knowing that you are changing lives on the other side of the planet one bag a time. 

Tastes like — Caramel, Tropical Fruits

In the 10 years farmers have been growing specialty coffee cooperatively, the sale of Umoja has helped to improve the living conditions of its members, providing schooling, housing, jobs and reducing coffee smuggling on Lake Kivu, while promoting women’s and pygmy rights. Umoja producers won the SCAA sustainability award.

 “When they buy our coffee, they improve our living conditions and that also changes our work conditions. I’m happy and grateful for the customers that buy our coffee.” -Mr. Shukuru Shanguku (a Umoja farmer)

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