Your Brand. Our Coffee.

Hidden River Wholesale
When you become part of the Hidden River Wholesale Family you are no longer alone in the coffee business!  We know how overwhelming and even scary it can feel to embark on realizing your dream when it seems like the task is so monumental you don't even know where to start.  Well, start here!
Our founder has over twenty years of experience in business and has started multiple successful companies.  Part of his dream is to help others launch their dreams and succeed while having full access to the years of knowledge that he has gained.  We don't just offer the best coffee roasted to order, with Hidden River you also get access to:
  • Access to our full and ever growing suite of training resources
  • Training in all aspects of coffee and the coffee business
  • Brand development
  • Branding and design assistance
  • In depth marketing training
  • Merchandise sourcing
  • Coaching for your business
  • Our coffee is always direct and/or fair trade
  • 100% Arabica coffee beans
  • Specialty Grade ONLY!
  • Roasted to order meaning that your coffee isn't sitting on the shelf in our roastery waiting for you, it will still need to spend some time off-gasing when you get it.
  • Expert advice to walk you through which coffee to choose for your desired preparation methods and tastes.

Hidden River Private Label

Our private or white label programs comes with the same benefits as the wholesale program but with one twist, your label is on the coffee bags!!!  Since you're reading this I know you have been dreaming of starting and owning your own coffee business that exemplifies your personal story and design.  We love that for you and that is why we created our Private/White label program.  As you read above, part of our founder's dream is to help you realize yours!  Starting a business of any kind can seem daunting and make you feel quite inadequate, anxious, or downright terrified.  That is actually normal and you shouldn't feel bad about that, we've got you!  Brandon has started three successful companies to date and knows the trepidation as well as exhilaration that comes with forging on and launching your dream.  Did you know that over 70% of Americans dream of having their own business but only 6% of us actually do?  If you are part of that 60% still dreaming and coffee is your game then let's do it!  It couldn't be more simple: 1) click the apply now button below.  (2)  We'll contact you and set up the first meeting, there is no pressure of any kind.  (3)  Launch!