Our Roaster's Tasting Notes — Toffee, dark chocolate, buttery

Just like the country itself, this coffee embodies strength and boldness with a subtle but unmistakable sweetness.  The nation of Tanzania is a proud one made up of many tribes under one flag.  They cherish their coffee as we know you will too.  These beans are grown on the slopes of the world renowned Mount Kilimanjaro overlooking the majestic plains of Africa. This high altitude dense coffee packs a flavor so big you will wonder how it is possible this is actually happening in your cup.  Your journey through Tanzania begins with a bold and pleasant flavor of sweet and buttery toffee that has been prepared the same way for generations by those living in this great land.  At the point you are able to focus once again on the entire experience that is happening as you sip this surreal beverage you will be treated to an intense dark chocolate that is unmistakable causing you to look around and search for that famous mad scientist of chocolate, you all know who I’m talking about, because that is the only way your mind can comprehend what has just happened to your taste buds.  A coffee really can be all of that and represent a place like that, this is that coffee! 

Roast Level

Medium Or Dark

Can I get this as Decaf?  No 


Bonny, a U.S. Navy Veteran now living in Washington, state was born and raised in a small coffee farming family in Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, East Africa. As a young man, he migrated to the United States hoping for a better education and an abundance of opportunities to lead a fruitful life. Because of the difference it made for his future, he‘s yearning to give back. Seeing a need in the communities of other veterans, local farmers, and communities in Tanzania, it's his golden opportunity to be part of something bigger than himself.


In 2019, he opened a business as a coffee importer, specializing in supplying green Tanzania coffee beans sourced directly from local farmers. Supporting local farmers with a passion, he firmly believes that commerce can thrive while still addressing the needs to make a positive difference in communities across the world.


This company is about more than importing and selling coffee beans. They maximize their impact on the causes they support. For every bag they sell to us, a portion goes directly to local farmer families for educational opportunity initiatives to empower girls in the villages by providing them with academic support, leadership development, and community engagement opportunities in an inclusive environment. 

Bean & Processing Info

Tanzanian Arabica coffees are grown on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru in the Northern areas, under the shade of banana trees. This is truly an exotic location for this east African coffee. 

On a Mission!

Meet Veronica and her grandmother, Mrs. Matinde-

Veronica, had to work at her grandmothers and neighbors coffee farm sites on weekends, after school and holidays to buy books and school uniform and to help her raise money to pay for school. 


Veronica says “Today, by the grace of God and help from project “Sharity”, I did not only graduate from secondary school, I have been privileged to secure a college opportunity through tuition assistance program, to earn a higher education in Food Sciences and Technologies in Moshi, Kilimanjaro. thanks to all those who buy this coffee and support project "Sharity."