Our Roaster's Tasting Notes — Cherry, Milk Chocolate, Sweet, Syrupy Body

I hang my head a bit to tell you about one of our most underestimated yet beautiful coffees.  I have totally fallen head over palate for this deep, rich coffee with an ever so slight sweetness on the finish.  It doesn’t have a big bravado or fanfare, it has a simple demeanor that under promises and way over delivers.  As this understated nectar flows gently across your tastebuds you will begin to think, “it’s not ba-” when suddenly you stop as the intense flavor of sweet plump cherries thickly enrobed in milk chocolate flood your mouth!  I recommend a pause at this point because you will need a minute for your mind to comprehend what this little coffee sitting all by itself has just presented you with.  There comes a time when all great things must come to an end but this is not that time.  The deep syrupy body of this coffee hangs around, continuously pleasing your senses with cherry cordial after cherry cordial!  Please allow yourself the privilege of spending time with this coffee, it has so much to give.

Roast Level


Can I get this as Decaf?  Yes 


The Patroness comes from Jerico, Antioquia. Jerico is a small and very Catholic town, home to Colombia’s only canonized saint, Madre Laura. The town maintains a rich coffee culture but has limited access to resources. This unique blend is made up of multiple small farms, with each lot cupped religiously to find the perfect balanced cup that best represents the town of Jerico.

Bean & Processing Info

This is a unique bean obtained through direct trade. The farmers use a washed process before drying.